There are ups and downs in life and occasionally, some of us and on bad times and encounters cash flow issues. It can be a challenging issue to borrow money from family members and mates.

In Singapore, the money lending industry is regulated and offer protection to consumers. We intend to be the channel that connects borrowers to licensed and ethical licensed money lenders in Singapore. For borrowers with unhealthy credit ratings who are unable to borrow from conventional means which includes banks, it is feasible for you to obtain bad credit personal loans with the loan providers.

Licensed money lenders in Singapore offer personal loans to individuals and are regulated by the authorities. You are recommended to know more about your rights prior to making any loan contracts.

The interests rates for borrowing from moneylenders in Singapore are regulated and generally speaking, such bad credit loans call for a fairly higher interest rates (as opposed to banks) due to the higher risk money lenders bear from bad credit loans. Money lenders offer short-term financial relief to those in needs.

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